Friday, December 11, 2009

Reasons for Deciding Your Name as Ethan

Meaning of "Ethan"
Biblical name
In Biblical, the name Ethan means- firm, strong.

Dearest Ethan, My Beloved Boy,

Mummy was deciding on your name when you are about to come to this beautiful world. Mummy hopes to give you a unique and yet meaning name. As I was flipping through the baby book names, I had shortlisted a few names which have meaningful meanings. After a few votes from the people around me and some consideration, I decided to name you "Ethan". I hope that you will be strong in life no matter what happened coz Mummy knows that your life will be a bit more challenging than others. I hope that you will be firm in life to know what are the right thing to do and the wrong thing not to do. Mummy loves you and we will guide you in life to the best that we can with GOD's help.

Love Always,

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