Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Privilege of Parenthood

Dearest Ethan Baby,

Mummy feels encouraged, rather than frazzled, to be a parent. When I become your Mummy, my whole life changes forever. The privilege of this call from GOD is awesome because it is also the privilege of helping to shape an unique individual person in GOD's way. Mummy have learn so much from you even when you are in my tummy.

1. Mummy learns to give unconditional love to YOU
Mummy's life changes as I place YOU as top priority, before myself and before Daddy. Even when YOU disobey me or make mistakes, I will still continue to love YOU by showing grace and forgiveness, not even lesser.

2. Mummy appreciates unconditional love
Whatever has happened in the day is irrelevant when YOU hugs me and smile to me because Mummy still mean the world to YOU.

3. Mummy become a braver and more confident person
Whether Mummy had any initial fears about insects, I will rise to the occasion and overcome it when faced with the situation of protecting YOU. Mummy's self-esteem improves as I impart my knowledge and values to YOU. Mummy have learn to be more assertive, too whenever I need to consider YOU in any major decisions.

4. Mummy become a much better person overall
Through the challenges, frustrations, joys and observation of human nature YOU, Mummy is personally transformed into a much better person, with more love, patience and understanding. No other life lesson can do that better!

Ethan Baby, Thank you very much for coming into my life. GOD, thank you so much for this precious gift.

Love Always,

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