Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Movie "A Litle Bit of Heaven"

Dearest Ethan Baby,

Mummy went to watch a movie yesterday while you was in school. It is a very touching and inspiring movie. The lead actress was being given three wishes before she die of cancer. Mummy was thinking what will my three wishes be. Within 5 minutes, I have come up with my own three wishes if I am the lead actress.

Mummy first wish: Mummy wants Ethan to be a strong, righteous and compassionate man throughout your life. You will fall but able to stand up again. You may be tempted but still stay righteous. You are blessed but not forgetting the needy. With this three virtues, you should be able to be a happy boy and bring blessings to the people around you.

Mummy second wish: Mummy wants you to be close and bonded with Daddy. Mummy wants Daddy to be your best friend when I am not around anymore. Blood is always thicker than water. The bond between a child and parents are beyond words

and unbreakable.

Mummy third wish: Mummy wants your Gonggong and Nainai to recover, play with you, laugh with you and grow together with you.

Love Always,

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  1. So gald and happy to see you all as one big happy family. It is always my pray for you, Ethan to growing up with your loving parents beside you always.

    God bless you.

    Uncle Terence

  2. Thanks, Uncle Terence. GOD Bless!