Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happiness & Unhappiness

Dearest Ethan Baby,

Mummy needs to learn that it's okay for you to be unhappy sometimes because it's simply part of life. Swooping in to vanquish your unhappiness may sends the wrong message to you that it's not okay to feel sad or mad. Solving every problem for you may also robs you of the opportunity to work through your feeling on your own. You are beginning to understand more and more of the words you hear, yet your ability to articulate your feelings and needs is limited. Mummy can't assure you that you will always be happy nor can Mummy take away your unhappiness but Mummy assure you that I will walk through with you each unhappy, sad and unpleasant experiences.

Love ya always,

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  1. This is so well said, and a good reminder for me. Indeed, it's ok for our little ones to feel unhappy at times, it's all part of our emotions and part of life. Thanks for that :)

  2. Thanks Ruth. It is a constant reminder to me recently especially now that Ethan have reached two. I must learn not to do so many things for him and allow him to have the chance to grow independent, too. =)