Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Universal Studio with Ethan on Thurday 9 Feb 2012

Dearest Ethan Baby

We are so excited to bring you to Universal Studio today though we know that you may be too young for most of the rides. Mummy must admit that she is very eager to visit the studio herself, too. You were very cranky and uncooperative in the morning. Mummy is so worried that the visit is not going to be enjoyable because you have "used up" so much of my energy. Thanks GOD that you were much better after your half an hour nap. Hope you have fun and enjoy the visit as much as we do. We love you, darling.

Love always,

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  1. I've yet to visit the place. Were there any rides at all that Ethan can take?

    1. Dear Ruth,

      Yes, there are quite a lot of rides that Ethan took. He enjoys it very much especially the boat rides that went under the tunnel. I forget the name of the ride. =)