Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ethan's Second Visit to the Zoo on Sat 21 April 2012

Dearest Ethan Baby, Mummy hopes that you have enjoy yourself very much today. We had fulfill our promises to you and bring you to see your favorite animal, Lion. We don't know why you love Lion so much and wants to be a lion. Maybe it is because it looks so magnificent. My dear boy, if one day you become "The King of the Animals", be a righteous and fair King. May you always use Jesus as your model and treat your people with love. I am sure the visit to the zoo today has created a lot of lovely memories for you and you will be excited to share
it with your friends and teachers on Monday. =) Love always, Mummy! Daisypath Happy Birthday tickers


  1. So Ethan loves the lion? Guess he enjoys the Lion King movie then :) Btw, did he like the horse ride? I didn't know our boys are big enough for that. I'll love to let my boy try that!

  2. Yes, Ruth. His favorite animal is Lion. He has not watch the Lion King movie yet. Maybe we should show him. Thanks for reminding us. =) Oh yes, he loves the ride on the horse and was obedient when we told him not to let go of the handle. You should let your boy try it, too. It is going to be a memorable experience for him.