Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Spare the Discpline, Spoil the Child" on Sunday 6 May 2012

Dearest Ethan Mummy don't know what is wrong with you this morning. You are not listening to your teachers' instructions. You are not listening to Mummy! You
are not playing on the keyboard. You simply refuses to obey though Mummy had warns you more than once that your privileges (car ride and a visit to the playground) will be forfeited if you continue to behave the way it is now. Mummy realized that you have been testing our patience recently and feel that this could be another episode. Thus Mummy decided to stick to what I mention to you. After the music class, you wanted to ride on the car as usual and keep asking me whether do I have any coins. You cried and wailed when Mummy told you that I do not have any coins and this is your punishment for not being obedient in class. Mummy is so tempted to give in you when I see your crying face and knowing that you are looking forward to the car ride once a week. But Mummy stood firm because Mummy hopes that you will grow up to be a man of discipline and a man with self-control. You may feel Mummy is very cruel but rest assured that Mummy's love for you is always there. Love ya always, Mummy! Daisypath Happy Birthday tickers


  1. Haha! My boy has the same basket and sat in there just like Ethan did! Yes, sometimes it so hard to discipline our boys coz they will be crying terribly and it breaks our heart. But we just have to be firm. I agree that self-discipline is an important value to inculcate.

  2. Yes, Ruth. As the saying goes, "spare the rod, spoil the child". =)